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40 years of active presence

Friday, April 16, 2021

    Welcome to the Jewish Museum of Greece

    The Museum was founded in 1977 to collect, preserve, research and exhibit the material evidence of 2,300 years of Jewish life in Greece.

    As a historical and ethnographical museum its main interest is to provide a vivid picture of Jewish life and culture as it was during those centuries.

    The collection contains more than ten thousand artefacts (some of which are unique) pertaining to the domestic and religious life, as well as the history of the Greek Jews.

    The new building of the Museum houses its rich collection and visitor services in an area of 800 m2, organized in permanent exhibition areas with thematic modular exhibits, an art gallery, a periodic exhibition space, a research library, a space for educational programmes, a photo archive and laboratory and a conservation laboratory.


    Jewish Museum of Greece
    Nikis 39, Athens 105 57
     210 32 25 582
    Fax: 210 32 31 577
    E-mail: [email protected]