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40 years of active presence

Sunday, October 1, 2023


    The Jews of Volos lived scattered in various parts of the city. A somewhat denser concentration of Jewish families was to be found in the area around the Synagogue. According to a 19th century account “the Jewish quarter neither repulses nor is it in any way different than the other quarters of the city.”

    This area – which includes the Sreets Moisseos, Platonos and Xenofondos, as well as those around them – was known as ‘ta Evraika’ (the Jewish homes). Older residents still remember the name, despite the fact that today the Jewish population of the city is relatively very small. After the war, the Synagogue, which had been destroyed by the Germans, was rebuilt for the first time. Today’s building dates from 1955, when the synagogue was rebuilt once more after a destructive earthquake. Emigration to Israel and the USA, as well as the devastation caused by the earthquake, completely altered the appearance not only of the Jewish quarter, but the entire city.

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