Trip of the Association of Friends of the Jewish Museum to Krakow, Auschwitz and Warsaw

On 9 May 2019, a group of 40 people set out from Athens, London, Edinburgh and Washington for Poland, to participate in the 2nd Tour of the Association of Friends of the Jewish Museum of Greece (JMG).

We spent four memorable days in Krakow, Auschwitz and Warsaw. The success of the event surpassed our most optimistic aspirations, resulting in the enrolment of 15 new Friends and the securing of the Association’s activities in the future.

Comments from tour participants included:

“We were overwhelmed by the powerful and difficult experiences in Auschwitz, site of the shameful crime of the Holocaust, which is perhaps the worst point of violence and human despair, considering that it took place in ‘civilized’ Europe in the mid-20th century, just 75 years ago! We hope that the knowledge of history will help humanity to avoid such abominable crimes in the future, thus disproving Thucydides’ verdict on the nature of man.”

“I must point out that the visit-pilgrimage to Auschwitz and Birkenau was for me at least a late repayment of the debt to the millions of people tortured and killed by the German fascists.”

“Flying back gave me time to reflect on the beautiful people I met and the shocking new knowledge that I obtained. This was a rewarding trip from many, many points of view.”

“We would like to thank you for putting together such a truly rewarding and important trip. We are the lucky ones in so many ways…!”

“At the same time, the very well-organized visits to Krakow and Warsaw and to the various museums taught us many interesting things about the Jews in Poland, but also about the history and culture of Poland … And we were impressed at how much the Poles have done within a few decades of their transition from communism to the European Union. Maybe we were envious in ways…”

“We returned all the richer, with knowledge and experience, and we thank you very much for that. Your choices were excellent on all fronts – transport, guided tours, hotels, restaurants…”

“The perfect trip, all organised to the last detail and the team totally coordinated. On to the next trip.”

“And, of course, we will be taking part in the next trip you will organize!”

I thank everyone for the confidence they have shown in us in such a demanding journey. I also thank GS Travel and its partners, all of whom made a decisive contribution to this remarkable outcome.

Guy Natan
Association of Friends of the Jewish Museum of Greece