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40 years of active presence

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

    The Library

    The library has been an integral part of the Museum since its very first years, and has been expanding ever since. The number of books continuously increases, thanks to donations by individuals or publishing houses, from Greece and abroad, as well as purchases of books of Greek Jewish interest.

    Today it numbers approximately 4,500 titles, classified in 31 categories. The same categories also include the library’s audiovisual archive, comprising DVDs and videotapes. One of the system’s categories, Music, is complemented by a collection of audio tapes and CDs, which record the musical tradition and production of the Jews of Greece. The library also includes more than 30 periodic publications (magasines), mainly of Jewish and museological interest, updated with every new issue.

    Another part of the library contains archival material pertaining to specific subjects, such as the Jewish Communities of Greece, World War II and the Holocaust. All this material (articles, theses, publications, correspondence, recent photographs, etc.) has been divided into large folders, which are continuously updated and available to the public.

    The recording and management of the library’s material is in the hands of a team of dedicated volunteers. Although this is not a lending library, all its books, magasines and archival material are available for research and study, by simple application.

    Most of the library’s users are students and researchers from Greece and abroad, seeking material for publications, essays and theses. Students of elementary or high schools often use the library’s books and archival material for school projects. It is not uncommon for descendants of Greek Jews living abroad to use the library to find information about their family or place of origin.
    Among the future plans of the J.M.G. is to electronically record and index all the library’s contents, with the help of Library Management graduates, and make selected material available on line.