The Jewish School of Athens

The Jewish Kindergarten and Primary School of Athens is a private school that belongs to the Jewish Community of Athens. It is located in the area of Palaeo Psyhico since 1960, and more than a thousand students have graduated from it.
The school offers all the subjects taught in Greek schools, according to the regulations of the Greek Ministry of Education, as well as Hebrew and Jewish history.
After finishing the sixth grade, our students continue their education in Greek public or private schools.
The school aims at offering the children –at this most sensitive stage of their development– the chance to discover their Greek-Jewish identity, in a warm environment of love and acceptance. The school also aims at offering children the best possible education, by means of a select staff of teachers.
Recognizing that each child is unique, our teachers strive to help the children develop the positive elements of their personality and promote each child’s physical, emotional, intellectual and social development. The school provides a rich environment in which the children learn to express themselves, develop their skills, accumulate knowledge, and discover their talents and inclinations.
In addition, the School of the Jewish Community of Athens offers the children two priceless assets: roots to know where home is and wings to fly away and practice what they have learnt.
All these are achieved in an atmosphere of love and joy. Human history has repeatedly proved that, without love, riches are worthless and knowledge is empty.
All the school’s activities are based on the children’s experiences and questions, making the best use of the children’s experiences, initiative and curiosity.
Since 2007, the school also has a Preschoolers’ Daycare Unit, for children over 2.5 years old.

The Schoolmaster,
George Kanellos