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Sunday, October 1, 2023

    The Holocaust of Greek Jews: The Persecuted and the Rescuers

    The production of the exhibition “The Holocaust of Greek Jews: The Persecuted and the Rescuers” was funded by the Greek Ministry of Press and Media in 2000 and was presented, for the first time, in Strasbourg, City of Human Rights. It was presented in the building of the European Council, in February 2001, and received enthusiastic reviews.

    The exhibition incorporated previously existing material, as well as the results of latest research. It was divided in 18 thematic units, with explanatory texts in both English and French and 170 photographs of artefacts, documents and other objects of the time, from the Museum’s collection.

    Besides relating the historic facts, the exhibition contains personal testimonies which bring the main participants of this drama to the foreground; simple people, whether persecuted Geek Jews or sympathising and assisting Christian compatriots.

    The huge volume of material was divided in several panels, which were accompanied by a continuous projection of slides and flanked by three-dimensional objects of metal and wire. The combination made for an arresting impression.

    The exhibition was also shown in Copenhagen, Denmark, (in March 2001 at the Old Fellow Palace, at the centre of the city), in Thessalonica, Greece (in June 2003 at the Foyer of the Royal Theatre), and finally in Athens, at the Megaron of Music, on January 27, 2004, as part of the ceremonies for January 27th, the first official National Day for Holocaust Remembrance.