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40 years of active presence

Saturday, December 9, 2023

    The Holocaust of Greek Jews, 1941-’44

    This exhibition is based on original material and is the result of extensive research. It was first shown in Thessalonica, during the Second Seminar for Educators, in 2005, and at the Megaron of Music of Athens, during the ceremonies for the National Day of Remembrance of the Victims and Heroes of the Holocaust.

    The exhibition examines the situation in Greece during the Occupation, its division in three zones of occupation held by Germany, Italy and Bulgaria. After relating the first anti-Semitic measures taken by the Germans in Thessalonica it tracks the events in chronological order, presenting the fate of Jewish Communities around the country, while also mentioning the few who escaped to the Middle East or to the mountains, to join the Resistance movement, and those who managed to hide, aided by compatriots of theirs. It also explores other aspects of the Holocaust, such as the concentration camps, the survivors, the Righteous of the Nations, and the state of the Jewish Communities that were reconstituted after the war.

    Explanatory texts with rich informational material accompany the exhibition’s many photographs.