The Holocaust in Greece

The J.M.G. took part in the programme “The Holocaust in Greece”, organised by the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum of Washington, D.C., in October. The Jewish Museum contributed original WW II and Occupation photographs from its Archive, which were incorporated in the Website constructed by the U.S.H.M.M. for that specific programme. Secondly, some of the Museum’s photographic records of the old Synagogues of Thessalonica were used by Architect and Researcher Dr. Ilias Messinas in his exhibition “The Synagogues of Thessalonica: Destruction and Rebuilding”. The exhibition had been presented in the past at the Goethe Institute of Thessalonica and the Yad Vashem Foundation in Jerusalem. Today it is housed in the “Spyros Vrionis Center for the Study of Greek Culture” in California, where it is part of the permanent exhibition.