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Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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    THE GENOCIDE OF THE JEWS (1942-1945) history, remembrance, reconstruction

    (October 2018 – February 2019. One Sunday every month)

    THE GENOCIDE OF THE JEWS (1942-1945)
    history, remembrance, reconstruction

    The seminar aims to provide insight into various aspects of the Nazi genocide of Jews in Europe as a whole, but in Greece in particular. Once the general framework of the ‘final solution’ and its application has been established, the focus will turn to issues such as historical records, remembrance and forgetting, silence and speaking, and reconstruction, mainly relating to the Jewish-Greek experience but not exclusively so. The section on remembrance will bring in first-hand accounts (written and oral) but will also deal with establishing remembrance through museums, memorials and places that have become monuments. Reconstruction will be through broad coverage of camp literature, but will also make use of portrayals on film.

    The seminar will be preceded by an introduction to the subject and will be followed by a discussion. Participants will be given time to prepare short talks of their own if they wish to do so. The seminar is designed with postgraduate students, doctoral candidates, researchers and secondary school teachers in mind, but is also suitable for interested members of the general public.

    Participants will be provided with relevant study material and have access to the library as well as being able to see exhibits in the JMG. Certificates of attendance will be provided at the end.

    Odette Varon-Vassard is a historian holding a doctorate awarded by the University of Athens. She teached history at the Open University of Greece (2001-2017) and has worked in collaboration with the Jewish Museum of Greece since 2007. Her research mainly concerns the 1940s and she is the author of three published works: Ellinikos Neanikos Typos (1941-1945). Katagrafi, two volumes, pub. IAEN, Athens 1987 / I Enilikiosi mias Genias. Neii kai Nees stin Katohi kai stin Antistasi, pub. Estia, Athens 2009 / I Anadisi mias Diskolis Mnimis, Keimena gia ti genoktonia ton Evraion, pub. Estia, 1st edition 2012, supplemented 2nd edition 2013 Athens. She has translated Charlotte of David Foenkinos (pub. Estia, Athens 2018)(for more information go to

    To participate

    Please contact the museum offices until 8 October 2018.