The Crocus Project

The Crocus Project was launched in Ireland in 2005 by HETI. It is intended for pupils aged 11 years and over.

HETI provides schools with yellow crocus bulbs to plant in autumn in memory of the one and a half million Jewish children and thousands of other children who died in the Holocaust. The yellow flowers recall the yellow Stars of David all Jews were forced to wear under Nazi rule.

Since its inception in 2005, this project has grown from 6,000 students in Ireland participating in it to more than 45,000 students in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Malta and Poland.  By bringing together people from local communities across Europe, we strive to enhance tolerance and mutual understanding between citizens while simultaneously ensuring the transfer of historic memory.

The activity presents an opportunity to introduce young children to the subject of the Holocaust. It is a tangible way to stimulate discussion and create awareness about discrimination.

In Ireland, the crocus blooms at the end of January – around the time of international Holocaust Memorial Day (27 January). In other countries Spring comes later but the crocuses can be planted indoors in flower boxes or bowls. When people admire the flowers, the children can explain what they represent.

The Trust makes available guidelines and information which may be of assistance to teachers during this activity. These resources complement existing material on racism and interculturalism. The children’s involvement in planting the bulbs and watching the flowers grow encourages ongoing learning about the importance of tolerance and respect.

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