The aim of the programme is for the children to get to know the prayer ground of the Jewish religion,come into contact with the holy texts that are read in the synagogue, the customs and rituals of a service, the decorative motifs and symbols.

Means – Stages

  1. Introduction 
    Welcome to the Museum. Stickers with the children’s names. Introductory game, where each child says something about themselves.
  2. Can and can’t do
    What do you think we can do here today?
    What do you think we can’t do?
  3. Introduction to the premises
    Have you been to the Jewish Museum? What did you see? What did you like? What do you think we are going to see today? Have you been to other museums? Which ones? What did you like? What didn’t you?
  4. Introduction to the concept “collection”
    What is a collection? Have you got any? What kind?
    Where else have you seen collections?
  5. Introduction to the subject
    Brainstorming of ideas about churches, synagogues and mosques. Similarities and differences.
  6. Activities

    Exploring the premises.
    What did you see? How do you think they are used?
    Now we will all become investigators. Each of us will conduct his own investigation (leaflet with sketches of synagogue items).
    Presentation of the children’s findings, compilation of a class book.Game 
    Game (treasure hunt).
    Find the synagogue items that are on the other levels of the exhibition.
    Play acting 
    Re-creation of a service by the children.
    Listening to a Romaniote and a Sephardic service.
  7. Evaluation 
    What new thing did you learn today at the Jewish Museum?
    What would you like to see or do next time you are here?