Silver bracelet

In 2018, the siblings Dona-Lilian, Moissis and Rovertos Capon, descendants of the Minerbo family from Chania in Crete, donated a large collection of over 300 family heirloom items to the JMG, with the aim “… not to let the Jewry of Crete be forgotten…”. This precious collection includes personal artefacts, photographs and documents, pertaining to the professional and family life of the extended Capon, Minerbo and Albert families. On display in the museum’s permanent exhibition, the collection offers a glimpse into the personal life of this large family during the 19th and 20th centuries, reflecting in its microcosm the peaks and valleys passed by the Jewish community of Crete at large.

Among the artefacts on display, the visitor discerns a broad silver bracelet, made from decorated elements linked to each other by small rings, which can be closed by a ball clasp. It originates probably from early 20th-century Smyrna and belonged to the donors’ aunt Eleonora-Perla Minerbo-Levy from Chania.

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