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In the framework of the European digital projects ( and (, part of the broader digital platform Jewish Heritage Network (http:/, digital museum visitors have the opportunity to get access to an extensive and rare collection of Haggadoth from a wide network of European non-European Jewish Museums.

It is with great pleasure that the Jewish Museum of Greece participates in these digital platforms, highlighting one of its most rare and important Haggadoth, part of its digital and museum collections, thus accommodating the challenges we all face in celebrating this year’s blessed and joyous Pessach. The digital museum visitors can have free access to the above mentioned websites, and their rare and important Haggadoth, which they can download, save and read at the Seder or during the Pessach celebrations.

For this unique occasion, the Jewish Museum of Greece, chose a rare Sephardic Pessah Haggadah listed among the museum’s holdings, entitled Le’il Shimorim, “Night of Vigil”, as the night of the Exodus from Egypt is called in the Torah. It was printed by the well-known publishing house of Bezalel Halevy Ashkenazi in Salonica in 1837, during the reign of the ottoman Sultan Mahmud II. The year of printing is indicated by a chronogram, a well-known type of dating Jewish books, where each letter corresponds to a number. The quotation was taken from the Book of Mica (7,15): “As in the days when you came out of Egypt, I will show them my wonders.” This Haggadah was re-bound with pages of a book containing a commentary to Torah portions, as it was a common practice in the past, to reuse worn out pages of religious books or manuscripts for home-made book binding or repairing.