Seminar for teachers from Greece at YAD VASHEM


Yad Vashem, The Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Authority, is offering a seven day seminar for teachers from Greece. The seminar will be held in Englishand will be focusing on academic study of the Holocaust with the pedagogy of teaching about the Holocaust.The participants are expected to be present in all parts of the seminar and take active participation. A program will be published on a later date.

Yad Vashem will cover all seminar expenses – the speakers, tours, travel inside Israel, lunch and refreshments.


Yad Vashem will cover all accommodation costsin Prima Park Hotel for seven nights in double rooms, meals included. Participants interested in a single room will cover the single room supplement on their own expense.

Dates: Thursday 6 – Thursday  13 July 2017

Participation Fee: 100$ 

Applications deadline: May 15th 2017.