Seminar at Yad Vashem – 2015

From July until July 10,the educational seminar in Yad Vashem was held in collaboration with the Jewish Museum of Greeceon teaching about the Holocaust in Greek schools.

Educators from Greece and from all education levels had the opportunity to travel to Israel and attend lectures by distinguished scholars, profoundly experienced on the subject of teaching about the Shoah. During their visit at Yad Vashem, the Greek educators had the opportunity, under the guidance of Mr. Yiftach Meiri, in charge of the educational programme for the Greek delegation, to experience a vivid guided tour through the Holocaust Museum and the exterior areas of Yad Vashem and its important monuments.

During the daily attendance, the lectures and the workshops, the educators were introduced to useful educational sources and teaching methods, while, they recognized the importance of experiential teaching through workgroups, watching movies/documentaries, survivors’ personal testimonies etc. Visiting the Yad Vashem Learning Center was a unique experience mainly because of the particularly advanced technology used to provide knowledge through short videos with lectures from historians, intellectuals, artists, clerics and survivors on interesting issues

The session with Holocaust survivor Mr. Moshe Ha Aelion was unique and moving for everyone. Holocaust testimonies of Greek Holocaust survivors and their families (of second and third generation), gave a holistic approach as well as useful educational tools to the Greek educators on how to teach about the Holocaust in Greece.