Seminar at Yad Vashem – 2011

From June 24 until July 1, 2011 the educational course in Yad Vashem, was held for the third time in collaboration with the Jewish Museum of Greece, on teaching about the Holocaust in Greek schools.

Teachers who attended came from various parts of Greece and all school levels. The experience of the participants was very constructive, and had the opportunity to meet remarkable colleagues, and associates, scientists of the institution and those responsible for the training program. What was equally important was the introduction to the entire Yad Vashem, and the Holocaust Museum.

The cooperation and presence of the Jewish Museum of Greece in the course served as a link between theory and implementation efforts in the classroom. The personal contact of teachers with Orietta Treveza – Sousi, responsible  for the JMG educational programs, as well as the presentations on the educational programs, seminars, museum cases and educational publications of the Museum contributed to inform teachers that they can utilize  the material that Jewish Museum of Greece possesses, including the exhibitions and the educational tools that will support their efforts to teach about the Holocaust, but also for the history and tradition of the Jews of our country.