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Friday, December 1, 2023

    Resistance Fighters: Dr. Manolis Aruch

    Dr. Manolis Aruch was one of the most active partisan doctors during WW II, serving in the ranks of EAM. After the War, he contributed significantly to the herculean task of reviving the devastated Jewish Community of Athens. In this photograph, donated by his loving family, he stands against the wall, second from the left, with the command of the II Battalion of the 34th ELAS Regiment, where Manolis served as a doctor. Seated in the centre is the military commander, Captain Vasilis Kornilakis, on his right the legendary Kapetanios Kostas Antonopoulos (“Kronos”), and officers Christos Veronas, Dinos Papaserafim and Michalis Kostakis.

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