Participations 2006

  • On Friday 8th December, the JMG took part in the 10th Meeting on Education held by the Ministry of Culture in conjunction with ICOM. The Museum’s Head of Education, Mrs Orietta Treveza-Sousi, presented the new JMG museum case on ‘Jewish Holidays’.
  • On 3rd-5th December. At the bi-annual conference of the International Task Force for Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research, held in Budapest, Mrs Zanet Battinou gave a presentation of the JMG’s third seminar for teachers to the organisation’s Educational Committee and also represented Greece on the Monuments and Museums Committee, of which she is a full member.
  • On 19th-21st November. The annual meeting of the Association of Jewish Museums in Europe, hosted in 2006 by the local Jewish Museum in Venice, was, as always, extremely interesting and constructive.
  • On 12th-15th September. he first meeting held by the Atelier Culturel Mediterranean was held in Paris. The organisation’s mission is to arrange cultural exchanges and co-operation between Mediterranean countries. The JMG took part in one of the particularly interesting workshops held there at the invitation of the French Foreign Ministry.
  • On 7th February. The Director of the JMG took part in a one-day event on ‘Museum Design and Heritage Management’ held by the British Embassy.