Participations 2004

  • In mid December, following an invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,the JMG took part in the Convention of the International Task Force for Holocaust Education Remembrance and Research in Trieste, as part of the Greek delegation. During this meeting Greece submitted an application to become a regular member of the organisation. The application relied heavily on JMG Holocaust programmes.
  • In November the annual meeting of the Association of European Jewish Museums (AEJM) took place in Constantinople. The JMG serves the Association’s council as Vice-President and Treasurer and was responsible for the annual financial report.
  • From 28 June to 2 July the Section of Cultural Technology and Communication of the University of the Aegean organised in Mytilene an international conference, which took place at the Municipal Theatre of Mytilene. The Art Historian Dr. Aphrodite Kouria was invited to participate at the conference with a poster on the exhibition she organised at the Jewish Museum of Greece, entitled “Dialogue with a Museum. Eight visual artists at the Jewish Museum of Greece relate to the exhibition ‘Hidden children in Occupied Greece’”. She also prepared a brief text, which was included in the folders distributed to delegates. The poster displays brief and representative texts and photographs of works and of the Museum areas. The poster, produced by the graphic designer of the J. M.G., H. Cohen, provides general information, and comments on the concept behind the artist’s exhibition, as well as the historical exhibition on the children of the Occupation, which was the inspiration and reference point of the visual art exhibition. Moreover, photographs of the Jewish Museum’s museo-paedagogical educational program, organised by O. Treveza Sousi were presented. The theme of the program was the mask, inspired by the work (photographic installation) of artist Angelos Skourtis.
  • On 28 and 29 April, at the German Foreign Ministry in Berlin, the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) organised the International Conference on anti-Semitism with a view to take joint measures to combat anti-Semitism. At the conference – the first of its kind was organised last year – participated 600 officials from 55 countries, among whom the Presidents of Germany Mr G. Rau, and Israel, M. Katsav, U.S. Secretary of State, C. Powell, Holocaust survivors, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Mr. Eli Wiesel, former president of the European Parliament, and former Minister of France, Ms Simon Weil, and representatives of international Jewish organisations. The Greek Jewry was represented by the presidents of the Central Board, Mr. M. Constantinis, and of the J.C. of Thessaloniki, Mr. D. Saltiel. Following the invitation of the Foreign Ministry, as a sequel of its participation at the significant conferences of Stockholm and Vilnius (2000), the Jewish Museum of Greece participated at the conference, represented by Mrs. Z. Battinou. The Jewish Museum of Greece, as on previous occasions, organised the Greek stand, presented its recent publications, posters and catalogues of temporary exhibitions and information material, as well as publications of the Foreign Ministry, which were distributed to delegates, visitors, academics, and the representatives of various N.G.O.’s and the media. Moreover, Mrs. Battinou participated in workshops on multicultural education and the teaching of the Holocaust, and made a brief intervention, presided by professor Yehuda Bauer, on the educational work of the Museum and its relevance for contemporary Greek society.