My Friend, Aaron

The long experience of the JMG with children of school age prompted the creation of this book. The aim of this publication is for non-Jewish children to understand, through the story of two young boys, the differences of the Jewish religion and to think about what any differences imply.

The book tells the story of a friendship between two boys, Kostis and Aaron. As Kostis, who is Christian Orthodox, describes familiar holidays and celebrations, next to his Jewish friend’s unfamiliar customs, the children learn about Jewish holidays and traditions, and about the relation these have to both the seasons of the year and the Christian holidays themselves. The story leads the children to understand that, although someone may celebrate different things, at different times and in different ways, that does not stop him or her from having the same hopes, desires and rights as everybody else. They also learn that a difference in faith or customs does not affect the bond between friends but, on the contrary, it makes life richer and more interesting.