Moissis Konstantinis

The Jewish Museum of Greece (JMG) mourns the loss of its Vice President, Moissis Konstantinis, who died on Thursday, 20 September 2018.

Moissis Konstantinis was a founding member of the JMG and served continuously on its Board of Directors, as General Secretary and, in the more recent years, as Vice-President. He was instrumental in the creation of the JMG as, since the 1970s, he worked with Nikos Stavroulakis to collect the material that forms the basis of the museum’s collections. He remained throughout an enthusiastic and tireless promoter of the museum project, was an inexhaustible source of historical knowledge and important information, a valuable adviser, a fair and ethical critic, and a steadfast and experienced cultural and museum worker.

The JMG, along with the Greek Jewish community, commemorates his memory and considers his irreplaceable contribution a source of inspiration and energy for the continuation of its research and cultural work.

The Board of Directors and staff of the Jewish Museum of Greece would like to express their sincere sympathy with his family.