Message from the Treasurer of the B.O.D.

Financial activity and new prospects

Message and appeal from Mr. Minos Mordochai, Treasurer of the Board of
Directors of the Jewish Museum of Greece

Dear friends of the Jewish Museum of Greece,


When, about 35 years ago, a group of people who were sensitive to issues of Greek-Jewish heritage started the effort of founding the Jewish Museum of Greece, we had a two-part vision: first, to found the J.M.G. and house it in own premises and, second, to make it financially independent.

After the endless efforts of friends from Greece, the U.S.A., and several other countries, both individually and through the Associations of Friends, the Museum moved in its own premises at 39, Nikis Street, and was inaugurated on May 10th, 1998.

Our first goal has been achieved – our vision has become true!

This success, however, would never have been achieved had it not been for the support of our great benefactors such as the Greek Ministry of Culture, the Central Board of the Jewish Communities in Greece, the Jewish Community of Thessalonika, the Association of American friends, the Jewish Community of Athens, and the wider Jewish Community of Greece, who supported our cause, both morally and financially.

I should mention here all of those friends and supporters who are no longer with us, such as D. Molfetas (late first President of the Association of American Friends), I. Lovigger (late President of the Central Jewish Board of Greece), F. Abravanel (late Vice-president and Great Benefactor of the J.M.G.), as well as N. Vital and M. Tabach, (both late Presidents of the Association of Friends of the J.M.G.), who dedicated, from the very beginning, precious time and voluntary work to ensure the success of the Museum?s goals.

The list of benefactors and friends who supported our vision, both morally and financially, is endless. It would be impossible to mention them all within these few lines.

I will only mention those who have been offering their professional help and support to the Museum for a long time and still continue to do so, inspired by the same aims and visions that we, and all the friends of the Museum, have.

I mean Mr. N. Stavroulakis and S. Rozanis, who, as Directors of the Museum have given their wholehearted love to it, besides their valuable scientific knowledge, and the group of professionals under their guidance. I must also mention the present team of people who work at the Museum with dedication and professional integrity, under the inspired scientific guidance of its Director, Mrs. Z. Battinou.
After the first target has been achieved, the Board of Directors moved on to the next target, which is:


No one can dispute the fact that the Jews of Greece, as a whole, have a number of financial needs, besides those of the Jewish Museum of Greece.

Jewish education, Religious Observance, the Care of our Co-religionists in need and of the Elderly, all those that can be simply translated as Maintaining our Jewish Identity, are issues which we all must and are committed to facing every day.

The Museum provides us with the knowledge and the tangible evidence of who we are, as a Greek Jewish Community and as part of the European Diaspora, gives us the urge and motivation to go forward. A typical example of that is the Museum?s contribution in our country joining the Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research. For that reason, its maintenance and further development are of vital importance for us to maintain our sense of identity, something that affects us all.

It was with those thoughts in mind that the Board of Directors drew up an International Fundraising Programme with a view to ensuring the financial independence of our Museum.

This programme is essentially a campaign to build up a Jewish Museum Capital, which will be administered by a Foundation under the control of an International Auditor, with the aim of amassing a sum of up to 5 million dollars. The income from this sum will suffice to cover a large part of the projected yearly expenses of the Museum, according to the present data on Fixed Income return rates.

Already, the Board of Directors has begun working on the setting up of the Foundation, which will administer the incoming funds.

The Jewish Museum published in 1998 a book in Greek and English presenting the Museum and its history, goals and future plans. An inset leaflet is a valuable tool for those interested in selecting a particular donation, taking into account its potential for a dedicatory plaque in a display case or even a hall of the Museum; another option is the funding of specific projects or works of the Museum. Both the book and the informational inset are available at the Museum.

We urge you too to become a Sponsor, Donor, Great Donor, Benefactor or Great Benefactor of the Jewish Museum of Greece. Your active participation will contribute greatly to the continuation of our vitally important work.

With fond regards,
Minos Mordochai