Museum is now closed


40 years of active presence

Saturday, June 10, 2023

    Message from the President


    An old friend used to say: “Fear nothing while the vision has not yet been realised. It is only when the vision turns into reality that you should start worrying, because reality is cruel and ruthless. It indulges no one.”

    So, we, the romantic group of people who put the idea of the Jewish Museum of Greece into motion twenty years ago, who were lucky to see the dream come true should therefore start feeling concerned.

    The inauguration lights are off, the emotions and satisfaction have calmed down and we should now face reality with an incisive and realistic vision.

    The impeccable functioning of the Museum should be ensured. The Museum needs to move on, it cannot remain a passive body having as its sole objective the collection and preservation of artefacts. It must evolve into a dynamic and active organisation, follow the modern trends, turn into an educational Museum, not a static archive. In order to achieve those objects, we need new friends and new supporters.

    The continuing support of our friends has, to this day, been invaluable. The contribution f the Greek Ministry of Culture especially, and of the ex-minister and friend, Mr. Thanos Mikroutsikos, have been of special value and importance. Energetic assistance was also received by friends from America, Europe, Greece and the Jewish Board of Greece and the Jewish Community of Thessalonica.

    Nevertheless, tomorrow is before us and it is threatening and inexorable. If we believe that the spiritual future of Greek Judaism is intertwined with the Museum’s future, then I believe that everyone will continue to support us and new friends will come to us looking forward to embracing this work.

    I would therefore like to ask those of you who read these few lines to visit the Museum, regardless of your religion or nationality. It is certain that you will not fail to admire this record of Jewish presence in this homeland for more than 23 centuries. You will be touched by the exhibits of the tragic history of the Holocaust and, if you are a Greek Jew, you will feel proud realising the Jewish contribution to the struggles of Greece against its various aggressors.

    Should, after your visit to the Museum, feel as moved as we are and believe that this Museum should survive, prosper and grow, then become one of its friends. Become friends of the Museum, support it, become a donor towards a creative dream that never ends.

    Makis Matsas,
    President of the BoD
    of the Jewish Museum of Greece