Message from the President

Dear friends of the Jewish Museum of Greece,

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to our website, a place that reflects the present and the future of the Jewish Museum of Greece. We are inspired by the presence of Judaism in Greece from the 4th century BCΕ to the present day, and are dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of the rich heritage of the Greek Jews.

The Jewish Museum of Greece is a key institution for the promotion of the culture and history of the Greek Jews. For this reason, we continue to develop our collections, create exhibitions and programmes that highlight the entire history of the Jewish presence in Greece. Through interactive presentation and educational activities, we offer our visitors an exciting experience that deepens their understanding of Judaism and its history.

Especially for the Holocaust, the Jewish Museum of Greece assumes the role of an educational pillar, promoting awareness, learning and memory. Through educational programmes, seminars and exhibitions, we provide young people and adults with the tools to understand the extent and consequences of the Holocaust, promoting humanitarian awareness and countering intolerance.

To continue this work and further develop our museum, we need your support. Your donations will allow us to continue our work, enrich our collections and provide more educational opportunities. In addition, by becoming a member, you will gain access to special privileges, events and educational programs.

We invite you to join us on this important journey of promoting and protecting Jewish heritage in Greece.

Mikis Modiano,
President of the BoD
of the Jewish Museum of Greece