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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

    Marble funerary plaque from Kastoria

    Part of a marble funerary plaque from the destroyed Jewish cemetery of Kastoria is kept today at the JMG Collection of Architectural Funerary Monuments. The tombstone, which is broken on all sides, bears a four-line inscription partially preserved and traces of a fifth-line in Judeo-Spanish (ladino). The plaque, which commemorates the grave of a man whose soul (l.4 alma) rested there, was donated to the Museum by Berry Nahmia from Kastoria. Berry Nahmia survived Auschwitz and she was president of the Union of Greek Jewish Holocaust Survivors for 30 consecutive years. The funerary plaque constitutes one of the few surviving historical and archaeological artifacts from the once thriving prewar Jewich community of Kastoria, as well as from its cemetery.