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Sunday, October 1, 2023

    Launch of a new two-year European project called “Her Stories”

    The Jewish Museum of Greece is proud to announce the launch of a new two-year European project called “Her Stories” in cooperation with five more European partners, Centropa (Zentrum für jüdische geschichte des 20. jahrhunderts ev) (Hamburg, Germany), Centropa Alipitvany (Hungary), Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. (JKPeV) (Dresden, Germany), Fundacja Galicia Jewish Heritage Institute (Poland) and Mozaika (Spain), funded by the EU under the CERV programme.

    The project aims to strengthen the memory of 20th century Jewish history and the Holocaust by highlighting the stories of seven Jewish women in Poland, Greece, Spain, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Spain and Slovakia. Through a series of events, ranging from workshops and teachers’ seminars to competitions and public events, the aim is to raise awareness among both teachers and students of the European dimension of Jewish history and the Holocaust.

    JMG historians Dr. Alexandra Patrikiou and Dr. Maria Vassilikou were in Berlin on 20 and 21 January for the kick-off meeting of the project, where they presented to the other partners the history of Lisa Mano Pinhas. For the JMG, the story of Lisa Pinhas is one of its most special stories, as through reading her manuscripts, one can understand the atrocities committed in the concentration camps and the difficult post-war reality that Jews – both men and women – were forced to face. Lisa Pinhas, until her death, dedicated her life to ensuring that no one forgets what happened during the Holocaust, a task that the JMG continuously seeks to achieve.