This second virtual exhibition, in the framework of the European programme Judaica Europeana,in which the JMG participates as a partner, aims to present several aspects of life in the Jewish neighbourhoods of Greece, mostly before the war. It makes no attempt to formulate any unique, sensational conclusion, just to show how the Greek Jews lived as children or young adults, before the war and after its end. The photographs showtheir homes, their lives, entertainment and gatherings, holidays, games, stories, characters, family and friends, their relationships with neighbours, recollections and changes brought on by the war. Thus, the visitor is called upon to partake of familiar, timeless and universal stories, and to perceive a vivid, though of necessity partial, image of a way of life rich in traditions and human relations, of a world that the war destroyed forever. The exhibition material includes photographs of the twelve communities, on which neighbourhood photos were collected.

For more information and photographs and/or brochures, please contact The Jewish Museum of Greece, 39 Nikis st., Athens, Greece, 105 57, telephone: (+30) 210 3225582, fax: (+30) 210 3231577, e-mail: [email protected], website:, from Monday-Friday 09:00-14:30.

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