“Jewish Neighbourhoods of Greece”

Ιn May 2008 the Jewish Museum of Greece inaugurated the temporary exhibition “Jewish Neighbourhoods of Greece”.

This exhibition aims to explore several aspects of life in the Jewish neighbourhoods of Greece, mostly before the war. The exhibition makes no attempt to formulate any unique, sensational conclusion – it is a way to let people from all over Greece to speak for themselves about the neighbourhood they lived in as children or young adults, before the war and after its end.

They talk about their homes, their lives, entertainment and gatherings, holidays, games, stories, characters, family and friends, their relationships with neighbours, recollections, changes brought on by the war, and several other things they wished to share with us. Thus, the visitor is called upon to partake of familiar, timeless and universal stories, and to perceive a vivid, though of necessity partial, image of a way of life rich in traditions and human relations, of a world that the war destroyed forever.

The exhibition material includes photographs, texts and living testimonies recorded on camera. The twelve communities, on which neighbourhood stories and visuals were collected, are presented by alphabetical order. The exhibition includes a screen, where visitors can watch the people themselves tell their stories. Perhaps that will make them think of their own neighbourhoods…