Invitation Η&Μ, Ηeritage & Museums Οnline Awards Ceremony- European Days of Cultural Heritage 2020


Η&Μ, Ηeritage & Museums Οnline Awards Ceremony

Athens, 27 of September 2020

European Days of Cultural Heritage 2020

This year we are celebrating the “European Days of Cultural Heritage” in an unprecedented spirit, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, Ms. Mariya Gabriel, stated that “this year, in addition to events with physical attendance, the European Days of Cultural Heritage offer an excellent range of digital content from Europe’s Cultural Reserve.

As known, the pandemic has disrupted the traditional way of working and acting in the field of Culture and has shown now more than ever how important the digital transformation of Cultural Heritage Institutions is.

At the same time, Ms. Gabriel noted emphatically, based on this year’s thematic title “European Days of Cultural Heritage and Education” that the future of Europe is digital, and that in order to preserve the memory of Europe’s Cultural Heritage, experiences must be exchanged. Also, that, to aquire the knowledge about the European Union during the school period “It is not a Luxury, It is a Necessity”.

In this spirit, the Board of H&M, decided to participate this year in the cultural events of the common European Vision, with an online Awards Ceremony, a recognition event of the work performed by the Directors and Curators, “pillars” of our Greek Museums internationally.

The president of H&M, Heritage and Museums Athens, Paris, New York, Ms. Lila de Chaves-Chronopoulou with great pleasure invites you to the Online Awards Ceremony for three Directors and Curators in Greek Museums who have delivered a remarkable course in recent years in the field of Museums and Culture, with particular emphasis on their educational role.

The online Awards Ceremony will take place on September 27th, the last day of the “European Days of Cultural Heritage” Athens, September 25-27.

One of the goals of H&M is to promote the global culture, through communication, education and research. In this spirit, this year, in order to celebrate its13th anniversary the Βoard has decided to award the following:

Sofia Peloponnessiou-Vasilakou Museologist, Curator of “Katakouzinou House”

Zanet Battinou Archaeologist, Director of the Jewish Museum of Greece

Costas Maniatopoulos Art Historian-Painter, Director of the “Museum & Library Stratis Eleftheriadis-Teriade “

The above award recipients , in addition to their knowledge, have exceeded the usual professional responsibilities of their position, with remarkable devotion and contribution to their museums, also through their personal free time.

H&M, Heritage and Museums, is a non-profit organisation, under the supervision of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture and its activities are based on cooperatiom and volunteering, with particular sensitivity to people with disabilities and culturally excluded groups in general, as well as the environment and tourism. And alongside, supporting actions for the prevention of climate change as suggested by the Greek Minister of Culture Ms Lina Mendoni at the Madrid Convention.

The Online Awards Ceremony will be presented by the renowned journalist, former editor-in-chief of European Affairs of KATHIMERINI, a collaborator of ERT, and Business Communication Consultant, Ms. Ritsa Masoura.

The awards will be presented by the President of Heritage and Museums Ms. Lila de Chaves-Chronopoulou.

We have the honor of receiving a welcoming greeting for this award ceremony by Ms. Jette Sandahl, Chair of the emblematic British Body EMF, European Museum Forum. EMF is commissioned to award in Strasbourg, the Annual Award for the Best European Museum. Followed by the exceptional annual thematic EMF EMYA awards, also under the auspices of the Council of Europe.

On this occasion, we would like to share with you that H&M, Heritage & Museums, which today awards the Greek Directors and Curators, has signed a memorandum of understanding with EMF EMYA European Museum Forum, of the Council of Europe, since 2010.

Furthermore, intercultural efforts of H&M, have the support of Director-General of the world heritage sector of UNESCO, Dr. Mechtild E. Rossler.


Award Ceremony Programming by Cultural Management Consultant, Ms. Dina Ntziora.

Collaborating organisations with H&M from the international arena and partners.