International Fundraising Programme

As part of the effort to ensure the financial independence of the Jewish Museum of Greece, the Board of Directors has drawn up an international fundraising program. The yield of the capital to be accumulated through this effort will cover approximately 80% of the Museum’s annual expenses. Those interested in supporting this initiative of the Board’s should know that any contribution towards the Museum of more than 1,000 euros is properly acknowledged within the Museum’s building in several ways.

A list of all available options for a donation in memory of a loved one is available to all interested.

The dedicatory plaques are placed in spaces or displays of the Museum’s according to the donor’s wishes, the amount donated and the provisions of the fundraising campaign.

Depending on the amount of their donations, the donors fall in one of the following categories:

  • 100 thousand euros (+) Great Benefactor
  • 50 thousand euros (+) Benefactor 
  • 20 thousand euros (+) Great Donor
  • 10 thousand euros (+) Donor 
  • 6 thousand euros (+) Great Supporter
  • 2 thousand euros (+) Supporter