“The History of Greek Jews: The Jewish communities in Greece” 

The programme aims at familiarizing the children with the centuries-old existence ofJewishcommunities in Greece, ever since the 3rd century B.C. The children learn about how the communities have changed over time and what form they have today.

Means – Stages 

  1. Introduction (15 minutes)
    Welcome to the Museum. Stickers with the children’s names. Introductory games.Can and can’t do
    What do you think we can do here today?
    What do you think we can’t do?

    Introduction to the premises
    Have you been to the Jewish Museum before? What did you see? What did you like? What didn’t you? What do you think we are going to see today? Have you been to other museums? Which ones? What did you like? What didn’t you?

  2. Introduction to the subject (5 minutes)
    Brainstorming of ideas about where and for how long Jewish communities have existed in Greece.
    Investigation (10 minutes).
    Exploring the exhibition area.
    What information have you found about the history of the Jews of Greece?
    What have you seen that you didn’t already know?
    How can we discover information about them?
    (Book with Jewish symbols, menorah, lulav)
  3. Activities 
    Game (30 minutes).
    Looking in the museum for items from various communities in Greece.Community Game (30 minutes).
    We split up into three groups, one in the library area, one in the modern art hall and one in the “Circle of life” exhibition area. Each group represents a different community: Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Rhodes.
    Each group gets a box with items of a community.
    The aim of the game is to make a story which they will present to the other teams.
  4. Evaluation 
    How did you like what we did today?
    What new thing did you learn at the Jewish Museum today?
    What would you like to see or do next time you are here?