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Sunday, October 1, 2023

    Hidden Children in Occupied Greece

    The exhibition “Hidden Children in Occupied Greece” explores the issue of the hidden Jewish children during the Occupation, by means of sixteen stories of children from all over Greece, which represent a wide range of outcomes that these unfortunate “war children” experienced. After the great success of the original exhibition, the Jewish Museum decided to produce an easy to transport travelling form with a view to presenting it in various cities of Greece and abroad.

    The new traveling version of the exhibition was shown on January 27th, 2005, at the Foyer of the Megaron of Music of Thessalonica, during the ceremonies for January 27th, the first official National Day for Holocaust Remembrance. The exhibition was shown in the city again, during the second Seminar for Educators, enriched with three new stories of hidden children. On January 30th 2006, it was presented at the Megaron of Music of Athens, during the ceremonies for the National Day of Remembrance of the Victims and Heroes of the Holocaust.