Hellenic Federation of Friends of Museums

The Association of Friends of the Jewish Museum of Greece maintains a very good relationship with the Greek Federation of Associations of Friends of Museums (EOSFIM), an organisation that has greatly expanded its activities over the past few years.

On March 4th 2001 the EOSFIM and the Association of Friends of the Jewish Museum of Greece organized at the auditorium of the War Museum of Athens, a lecture and open discussion on the subject of “The Transformations of Racism through Time”. The topic was introduced by Professor Zisis Papadimitriou, professor of Sociology at the Faculty of Legal and Economic Sciences of the University of Thessalonica and author of the book European Racism – An Introduction to Racial Hatred. The lecture and subsequent discussion were followed by a small reception in the Museum’s foyer.

The J.M.G. represented the Federation on May 14th, 2004, during the one-day conference “Greek museums and the institution of “Friends”: Challenges and prospects in the 21st century”, which was organised by the Greek Institute of Research under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture.

The director of the J.M.G., Ms. Zanet Battinou, spoke on “The raising of funds and the funding of programmes: the case of the Jewish Museum of Greece”. In her speech, she presented the means and methods used by the Museum in order to fund its running expenses as well as, the programmes it develops, making an extensive mention of the International Fund-Raising Programme and MIMS (Museum Information Managing System), the electronic application on which it is based.