# Hannah – Newsletter No 4

The fourth and final newsletter of the Hannah project is published.

Since the beginning of 2021, the Jewish Museum of Greece participates at the two-year european project entitled REC “HANNAH: cHallenging And debuNkiNg Antisemitic MytHs (HANNAH)”, which aims to promote Jewish history, strengthen the memory of the Shoah and combat anti-Semitism in Germany, Greece, Serbia and Poland, through capacity building, awareness-raising and policy-making activities. Τhe program is funded by the European Commission, and takes place in the framework of the Rights, Equality and Citizenship projects.

Apart from the Jewish Museum of Greece the following partners participate at the project:
Jugend– & Kulturprojekt eV (JKPeV) from Dresden, Germany, the Jewish Museum of Galicia in Krakow, Poland, Centropa from Hamburg in Germany, ReadLab from Athens and Terraforming from Novi Sad, Serbia.

Learn more about the project and the partners in the first newsletter by clicking here.