Giulio Caïmi, retrospective

Twenty-one years after the death of Guilio Caïmi (1897-1982), the Jewish Museum of Greece hosted a retrospective of this unconventional painter, art critic and ethnographer, whose name is still unknown to many. The occasion for the exhibition was the donation to the Jewish Museum of Greece of 14 of the artist’s works by the Sam Benrubi family, in memory of his wife, Rika Benrubi. Besides the donated works, the exhibition also included several of the artist’s drawings, paintings, books, and manuscripts testifying to Caïmi’s life and intellectual activity, from both the Museum’s own collection and the private collection of the artist’s researcher, Michel Fais. The album/exhibition catalogue “Giulio Caïmi”, curated by Fais, was presented during the opening ceremony; it sheds light on the life of a man who, in the words of his contemporary Greek painter, Giannis Tsarouhis, “lived beyond praise or blame”.

On the same day, another ceremony also took place; the Museum’s Contemporary Art Gallery was renamed “Benrubi Art Gallery” in tribute to the family’s invaluable contribution to the Museum and its work. The Benrubi family sponsored both the opening ceremony and the publication of the album “Giulio Caïmi”, in memory of Rika Benrubi.