General Assembly of the Association of Friends of the JMG

On Wednesday 4 March 2020 the General Assembly of the Association of Friends of the Jewish Museum of Greece was held. The President of the Association Mr. Guy Natan and the director of the Museum Ms. Zanet Battinou, welcomed the attendees and presented the report of the museum’s activities during the past three year period (2017-2019). Furthermore, subjects that needed the decisions of the Assembly were discussed. Then, the candidates were presented and the vote was taken.

Accoridng to the results, the Association’s Board of Directors is as follows:

President:  Guy Natan
Vice President:  Errikos Abravanel
Secretary General:  Mikis Modiano
Treasurer:  Sergio Mordoh
Members:  Makis Matsas, Errikos Arones, Zakinos Cohen

The Board appointed as its representatives to the Board of Directors of the J.M.G. the following: Mr. Makis Matsas, Mr. Guy Natan and Mr.
Μikis Modiano.