“Remember the Children”, experiential seminar in Distomo

On Friday 24th March 2017, an experiential seminar, entitled “Remember the Children”, for Primary and Secondary teachers was held at the Nazism Victims Museum in Distomo in co-operation with the Jewish Museum of Greece, the municipality of Distomo-Arachova and Antikyra and the Regional Directorate of Central Greece. The seminar aimed to present the appropriate educational material suitable for teaching the Massacre that took place in Distomo on 10th June 1944 by the Germans.

The seminar was divided into two parts, the first of which concerned the theoretical framework. Mrs. A. Papaioannou briefly presented the geographical character of the area, its ancient history and samples of its peoples’ everyday life. Then Mrs. A. Patrikiou proposed an interpretive scheme in order for the reasons which led to the Massacre to be understood. Mrs. A. Papaioannou, taking the stand once again, summarised the basic educational principles upon which this proposal was set. The theoretical framework was closed by Mrs.O. Treveza through the presentation of the educational material that had been prepared.

The educational material included four boxes. Each box contained photographs, objects and testimonies on each of the topics that had been selected. The first box, “Katie’s Summers”, focused on life before the war. The second box, “Mary’s bracelet”, focused on the Massacre itself.  The third box, “The girl in black” gave rise to the description of postwar life, trauma, grief and the struggle for survival. The fourth box, “A Song for Argyris”, focused on the experience of one individual in order to be able to present a complete and unified story.

The teachers, who were divided into groups, examined their material and suggested educational activities. The results of the experiential activity will be presented at the Panhellenic Museum Education and Training Conference entitled “Utilizing museums, memorable areas and geotopes for the education of 21st century citizens” which will take place in Thebes (12-14 May 2017).