European Days of Jewish Culture 2021

On the occasion of The European Days of Jewish Culture, this year under the theme Dialogue, the Jewish Museum of Greece presents the digital exhibition “Like nails must the words be hammered”, which highlights the dialogue between historians and witnesses; the dialogue of the present with a forgotten past; the dialogue with the stories of Greek Jews, who suffered extreme fates during the Holocaust.

As the survivors are gradually taken from our midst by time, the recording of their living image, expression, words, memories and thoughts take on a crucial role in the Museum’s attempt to narrate history “from below”, passing on the historical narrative from yesterday to today. Today’s visitor inevitably experiences both the immediacy and the subjectivity inherent to every testimony.

Alongside testimonies published in a book form, we now also have audio and audiovisual sources, digital impressions, and the holographic representations of witnesses. The future no doubt holds more possibilities – and we are thankful for that, since these testimonies are an invaluable legacy of humanity; a repository of memory for the generations to come, and as such will always remain relevant and current.