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40 years of active presence

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

    Ensuring the Future of the Jewish Museum of Greece

    The development of new projects and activities has led to the creation of new fund-raising opportunities, which attract new members and financial support for the Museum. In order to further expand these opportunities, the Board of Directors drew up an International Fundraising Programme with a view to achieving the financial independence of our Museum.

    This programme is essentially a campaign to build up a Jewish Museum Capital, which will be administered by a Foundation under the control of an International Auditor, with the aim of amassing a sum of up to 5 million Euros. The income from this sum will suffice to cover about 80% of the projected yearly expenses of the Museum. Already, the Board of Directors has begun working on the setting up of the Foundation, which will administer the incoming funds.

    The Jewish Museum published in 1998 a book in Greek and English presenting the Museum and its history, goals and future plans. An inset leaflet is a valuable tool for those interested in selecting a particular donation, taking into account its potential for a dedicatory plaque in a display case or even a hall of the Museum’s; another option is the funding of specific projects or works of the Museum. Both the book and the informational inset are widely used by the members of the Board and the personnel of the Museum in their contacts with potential sponsors or donors. The number of tasteful dedicatory plaques already in place around the Museum testifies to their success.