“Dialogue with a Museum”

The modern art exhibition “Dialogue with a Museum” ran at the same time as the very successful historical exhibition “Hidden Children in Occupied Greece” of September 2003. Eight contemporary Greek artists (A. Alkalay, L. Bebi, V. Cohen, C. Grammenos, A. Liti, K. Mertzani, M. Santorinaios, and A. Skourtis) were invited to express their thoughts and feelings after visiting the Hidden Children Exhibition. The result was a series of radically different, moving, and highly original – in both concept and execution works.

Photographs and sculptures, digitally processed images, sound interventions, constructions of fabric or various materials, some expressionistic, others symbolic, all with a multitude of semantic references, were exhibited, under the curatorship of Art Historian, A. Kouria, in and around the Museum’s permanent display cases. Hidden, much like the persecuted children of the war, the artists’ creations converse with the artefacts around them, turning the entire Museum into a dynamic whole, where new and old objects converse, side by side.