Collection Policy

The Jewish Museum of Greece strives to constantly enrich its collections. It collects exclusively anything connected to the daily and religious life, the history, the oral or written tradition, the cultural life, the professional choices and, broadly, any and all aspects of human life that pertain to the Jews of Greece.

Ninety percent of all acquisitions come from donations, mainly by individuals from Greece andabroad. Otherwise, there is no systematic market research, nor is there an acquisitions budget. Occasionally, dealers of historic items have approached the Museum, which, after researching and evaluating the item in question, has acted accordingly. Often, in order to afford the cost of such items the Museum has resorted to asking its Friends for specific donations.

In order to enrich its collection the Museum has on occasion purchased exceptional items, most important of which is probably a rare Venetian manuscript dating from 1642. It deals with the Jewish Community of Corfu and was bought at an auction at London’s Sotheby’s.