Chiffon blouse with embroidered quotes

At the age of 27, Lisa Pinhas, a newlywed, saw her world crumble. She lost her material and spiritual environment and was deported to Auschwitz with her entire family. Almost all of her relatives, including her husband, were murdered there. She managed to survive and return to her hometown, where she dedicated the rest of her life to defending the rights of survivors and preserving the memory of the victims of the Shoah.

Chiffon blouse with embroidered quotes, made by L. Pinhas shortly after her return to Greece (1945) in an attempt to give herself courage and inspiration:

“L’homme digne d’être écouté est celui qui ne se sert, de la parole, que pour la pensée, et de la pensée, que pour la verité et le vertu.”

“The man worth listening to is the one who uses speech only for thought, and thought only for truth and virtue.”

François Fénelon

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