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40 years of active presence

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

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    The Jewish School of Athens

    The Jewish Kindergarten and Primary School of Athens is a private school that belongs to the Jewish Community of Athens. It is located in...

    Jewish Cemeteries in Αthens

    The Jewish Community of Athens has two cemeteries, the first of which is adjacent to the old, historic 1st Athens Cemetery, not far from the...

    Jewish Synagogues in Athens

    The Jewish Community of Athens has two functioning synagogues, both on the same street facing each other, in the area of Thission, near the...

    Jewish Sites and Organizations in Athens

    The most important sights of Jewish interest in Athens  Sephardic Synagogue Beth Shalom - 5 Melidoni st., Thission. Romaniote Synagogue Etz Hayim - 8 Melidoni st.,...

    Τhe Jews of Greece

    The first archeological evidence of Jewish presence in Greece is a 300-250 B.C.E. inscription from Attica. The oldest synagogue of the Diaspora was found...

    Restaurants Kosher Meals

    It is true that Greece is not a kosher paradise: its population of 5,000 Jews, does not represent a strong enough market incentive for...

    Visiting Around the Museum

    Situated in the historic centre of Athens, the Museum is surrounded by numerous sights of interest, most of which are within walking distance. The Acropolis, arguably...

    Welcome to the Jewish Museum of Greece

    The Jewish Museum of Greece was founded nearly 45 years ago, in 1977, to collect, preserve, research and exhibit the material evidence of more...

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