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Thursday, December 7, 2023
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    The Artist Nikos Stavroulakis

    The Artist Nikos Stavroulakis

    This new digital exhibition is a tribute to the memory of Nikos Stavroulakis

    The Folklorist-Ethnologist

    NS derived inspiration from the history of the Jewry in the context of the Eastern tradition. He used to look for authentic cultural documentation...

    The religious illustrator

    NS devoted time and efforts to illustrate religious issues in an artistic and original way. In this section we present some works from his...

    The Calligrapher

    NS’s artistic contribution might be better appreciated if his efforts to restore Etz-Hayyim Synagogue in Chania are taken in consideration. His crucial means of...

    The Engraver

    This section includes woodcut prints made by NS. Although the limits between this and other groups are not always clearly discernable, the works that...

    The graphic designer

    The JMG collections include plates and jugs decorated by Nikos Stavroulakis with religious symbols and calligraphy. He also designed on paper, to create posters...

    The Painter

    With the exception of one painting located at Alexander and Margaret Levis Collection, NS’s paintings include his works either for the Interfaith Calendar of...

    The restless creator

    This section includes sketches made by NS, most of them unpublished or even not created for a certain purpose, except to express the creativity...

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    Exhibition Contributors

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