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Sunday, October 1, 2023

    "At the Crossroads: The Jewish Community of Corfu"

    INTELLECTUAL LIFE – Lazzaro de Mordo: the “Ionian Hippocrates”

    The doctor-philosopher Lazzaro de Mordo was born in Corfu in 1774, the scion of an old medical family, his grandfather, Lazarus, and father, Sabbetai,...

    Exhibition Contributors

    EXHIBITION CURATOR Zanet Battinou RESEARCH - TEXTS Christina Meri Alexios Menexiadis TEXT TRANSLATION Alexios Menexiadis TEXT EDITING Alexandra Patrikiou Damian Mac Con Uladh GRAPHIC DESIGN Hayia Cohen FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Victoria Kosti COMMUNICATIONS Elisa Solomon PHOTOGRAPHIC ARCHIVE Leonidas Papadopoulos PRINTING Stavros Belessakos, Photosynthesis The Jewish...

    “At the Crossroads: The Jewish Community of Corfu”

    Τhe temporary historical exhibition under the title: "At the Crossroads: The Jewish Community of Corfu", was created by the Jewish Museum of Greece to...

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