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Saturday, June 10, 2023
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    Permanent Exhibition - Levels

    The Synagogue

    This level contains exhibits pertaining to synagogue rites. The restored interior of the old Romaniote Synagogue of Patras can be found here. Three of the...

    Jewish Holidays

    On this level, the display case shows typical artefacts of the cycle of the Jewish holidays as they are celebrated during the year. In...

    History of the Greek Jews

    This level marks the beginning of the part of the Museum that is devoted to history, covering the long period from the 3rd century...

    Shoah Area

    This level contains the area devoted to the Holocaust (Shoah). The subject is examined in four specially designed displays, which cover the events during the...


    On this level, costumes and accessories of the Jews of Greece are exhibited. During the Ottoman period, the costumes of the Jews of Greece...

    The Cycle of Life

    This level of the permanent exhibition includes a small sitting room, specially designed to offer the visitor a brief rest, a characteristic example of...

    Temporary Exhibitions Areas

    On this level, the temporary exhibitions of the JMG are housed. The Benrubi Art Gallery was created in response to the public’s desire to...

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