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40 years of active presence

Wednesday, October 4, 2023


    Valuable textile

    Among the artefacts donated to the JMG collections in 2020 was this valuable textile, made from two oblong pieces of the same fabric. The...

    Large oil painting

    Τhe collections of the Jewish Museum of Greece were recently enriched by a large oil painting created by the yet unknown painter Nella Morpurgo...

    Advertising postcard

    The JMG recently received a donation of unique archival material from the Greek Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Thessaloniki, containing valuable information on...

    Oil painting by Giulio Kaimi

    The Contemporary Art Collection of the JMG holds artworks created mainly by various Greek-Jewish artists, including a great part of the oeuvre of Giulio Kaimi (1897-1982),...

    Wedding ring

    The JMG Jewellery Collection mainly consists of pieces dating to the 19th and early 20th century, belonging to the Bulgarian Hoard, valuable personal items...

    Account book

    Account book of the communal organization Hevrah de Pisha, Ioannina, 1924 - 1925 Paper, blue ink, 24 x 16 cm JMG collection The Jewish Community of Ioannina...


    Among the unique JMG collection of Esther Scrolls, there is this Megillah case decorated with silver filigree and provided with a small plaque, bearing the initials...

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