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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

    Like nails must the words be hammered

    Panagiotis Tziortsas (1926)

    Biography: Panagiotis Tziortsas was born in Tithronio, a village in Phthiotis, in 1926. His father was Leonidas and his mother Despo, née Koutsobelis. He had...

    Sara Yesoua-Forti (1927)

    Biography: Sara Yeshua, wife of Marcello Fortis, was born in Chalkida in 1927. Her father diedyoung and her mother, Zafeira, made men’s hats to provide...

    Alvertos-Avraam Amon (1925)

    Biography: Alvertos-Avraam was born in Volos in 1925. His father was called Samuel, owner of a bed factory and a shop. His mother was Julia,...

    Greek Jewish Survivors from the Holocaust, by Artemis Alcalay

    This is a series of photographic portraits of Greek Jewish survivors of the Nazi camps, who after the war resettled in Greece. Aged between...

    Exhbition Contributors

    EXHIBITION CURATOR Zanet Battinou CURATΙΟΝ ΟF ARTΙFACTS Mary Kapotsi, Christina Meri RESEARCH - TEXTS Alexandra Patrikiou TEXT TRANSLATION Joshua Barley TEXT EDITING Alexandra Patrikiou, Maria Vassilikou EXHIBITION DESIGN Mary...

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