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Sunday, December 10, 2023

    International Museum Day

    Marble funerary plaque from Kastoria

    Part of a marble funerary plaque from the destroyed Jewish cemetery of Kastoria is kept today at the JMG Collection of Architectural Funerary Monuments....

    Embroidery from Ioannina

    Embroidery on cream silk, decorated in appliqué, a technique using mixed material as printed cardboard, cloth and twisted gold thread. Depicted is the biblical...


    The Entari was the common outer coat dress worn both by women and men during the Ottoman period. Examples of Entaris, such as this...

    Hebrew song book

    Within the well-assorted JMG collection of prayer and liturgical books, there is a rare publication of a Hebrew song book published by the "Ne'im...

    Parohet, Torah Ark curtain

    During the 19th century, it was popular among Jewish, as well as non-Jewish, brides in the urban centers of the Ottoman Empire to wear...

    Mappah, Torah case wrapper

    The bride’s trousseau in traditional Greek-Jewish families of the 19th century included a set of gold embroidered articles to be used throughout their lives...

    Wedding ring

    The JMG Jewellery Collection mainly consists of pieces dating to the 19th and early 20th century, belonging to the Bulgarian Hoard, valuable personal items...

    ‘Genocide’, by Artemis Alcalay

    This mixed-media work of art, entitled ‘Genocide’ was donated to the JMG Contemporary Art Collection by the artist, Artemis Alcalay, in honour of the...

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