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Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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    Important Visitors of the Jewish Museum of Greece

    Important Visitors 2005

    On Friday 25th November 2005, internationally renowned Israeli scientist, Aaron Chehanover, winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, was given an official guided tour of the Museum. The distinguished visitor had come to Greece to be awarded an honorary Doctor's degree by the Univeristy of Athens Department of...

    Important Visitors 2004

    On 28 November 2004, Princess Irene Glücksburg, accompanied by her secretary, Ms. Alice Stroggylou and Mr. Sakis Leon, visited the JMG.

    Important Visitors 2002

    Ms. Lila Margiou, Cultural Attaché of the U.S. Embassy. Ms. Sylvia Berladsky, First Secretary of the Israeli Embassy. Mr. Thomas Miller, U.S. Ambassador, with his wife, Mrs. Bonnie Miller. The Lithuanian Ambassador, Mr. Dainius Junevicius. Mr. Oded Distel, Commercial Attaché of the Israeli Embassy. The German Ambassador, Dr....

    Important Visitors 2001

    Mr. Stavropoulos, Director of the Telecommunications Museum of the Hellenic Organisation of Telecommunications. The French Ambassador, Mr. J.M. Ripert. The director of the film “Shoah”, Mr. Claude Lanzmann. Mr. B. Jacobs, Director of Strategic Studies of the American Jewish Congress. The writer Mr. Jorge Semprun.

    Important Visitors 2000

    The Greek Archbishop, Mr. Christodoulos. Participants in the international meeting “Jews in Islamic Lands and in the Balkans: the XIX and XX Centuries until the Foundation of the State of Israel”. Mr. Chris Spyrou, president of the Hellenic-American Union. Joanna και Daniel Rose, members of the Association of...

    Important Visitors 1999

    Mrs. Learie Deutsch, wife of the U.S. senator Mr. Peter Deutsch. American Jews of Greek descent, during a trip organised by the Sephardic House of New York. The American Senator, Ms. Shelley Berkeley. Participants in an ICOM conference on costumes. The former U.S. Ambassador and representative of the...

    Important Visitors 1998

    U.S. Ambassador Mr. Nicolas Burns, member of the Association of Friends of the J.M.G., and his wife, Ms. Elizabeth Baileys-Burns.