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40 years of active presence

Friday, May 20, 2022
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    Inauguration of the new temporary exhibition “Stone Paths – Stories Set in Stone: Jewish...

    PRESS RELEASE The Jewish Museum of Greece and the Epigraphic Museum document the presence of the Jews of Greece since the end of 4th century...

    Guided Tours – “Stone Paths – Stories Set in Stone: Jewish Inscriptions in Greece”

    INVITATION FROM THE JMG In the afternoon of Monday, May 16, the new shared temporary exhibition, entitled “Stone Paths – Stories Set in Stone: Jewish...

    “Art of Memory and Commemoration”

    The contemporary art exhibition, presented at the Jewish Museum of Greece, constitutes an integral part of the common exhibition hosted by the two museums.

    Health protection measures

    According to Government regulations (Government Gazette 2137/30-4-2022), for your entrance to the Museum you are not required to present a vaccination certificate or COVID19 vaccination and recovery certificates, until 31 August 2022.

    The Jewish Museum of Greece – 40 years

    Watch the anniversary video for the 40 years of the Jewish Museum of Greece.

    The JMG launches upgrated digital app

    "The Second World War and the Holocaust of the Greek Jews 1941 - 1944". Renewed and enriched interactive application for displaying archival material, which summarizes the history and events of World War II, the history of the Holocaust in Europe and more extensively in Greece.

    On line payments

    We encourage the friends and visitors of the Museum to choose the option of remote transactions.

    The JMG launches upgrated digital app

    “The Jews of Greece: 2,300 Years of History and Tradition”. Renewed and updated interactive app featuring archival material and presenting the history of Greek Jews since late antiquity. Enjoy it.

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